Spring trip into the Southern Winds.




View from the ranch of Peak 11930 and Temple peak.


The Wind Rivers were the mountains I grew up in, I spent my childhood living and working on the Big Sandy Ranch until I was 19. I grew up horse packing and climbing through the Big Sandy area. I have always looked at the peaks when they are snow capped and hoping to someday ski some of these mountains. The southern winds are not very accessible in the winter and on big snow years like this year they are still very hard to get to! 2 years ago my boyfriend Brian and I skied Peak 11930 fromwinds2

View of Temple Peak from peak 11930

the ranch it was about a 12 hour day. Ever since that day I could not wait to get back and base and camp in Sedgewick Meadow and ski Temple Peak and other mountains and lines in the area.

Today I head into camp for 6 nights and hopefully have an awesome adventure in the southern winds. I am going in with good friend Kim Havell and photographer Jim Harris.  The snowpack is extremely high which is going to make our approach to base camp very long. We are hoping to pack in a few miles with the horses and then hopefully just a 4 mile skin to Sedgwick. Hope to share more about our adventures in a week!

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