2012/2013 Season of fun, travel and injuries!

My first comp back! Revelstoke!

This winter has been full of challenges for me with skiing to running my own business to injuries. I have not really been able to ski like myself the entire season, but ever since I broke my tib/fib mountain biking it has been a goal of mine  to compete on the first unified Freeride World Tour. Coming off of winning the 2012 Freeskiing World Tour, I felt that I had a lot of  pressure to withold my reputation as a world champion. The only problem was that in the past 8 months since I won the world tour I had broken my Tibula and Fibula about as bad as I could break it. I have a bunch of screws and a rod in my leg. I then had to have shoulder surgery for a dislocation problem that has been haunting me for a couple years. Since enduring all these injuries my only goal was to be able to compete again and hopefully ski in the championships in Verbier. The year proved to be more challenging than I thought, my leg constantly ached and I would get shin bang very easily. I could feel the rod move every once in a while and all of this obviously played with my confidence. At the same time I decided to open my own gym, which opened Dec 3rd. This was very exciting but took up all my time and energy when I was home and it made it hard to focus 100% on my skiing and when I was traveling to ski I was always worried about the gym. Overall I had a very amazing year of skiing and competing, I did not do as well as I would have liked but ended up 6th on the Freeride World Tour.  I did not get to ski in Verbier due to injuring my leg again in a fall in Fieberbrunn. I am hoping it will recover quickly and it was pretty heartbreaking not to be able to ski in the chamionships. This year was a great learning experience and I am still hoping my fire in my skiing will return, because this year everytime I left the start gate I had a hard time skiing aggressively. I am looking forward to hopefully doing some skiing in the Tetons this spring and focusing on the gym! 

Good Friends met through the season! Eva and I, she is recovering from torn ACL
My leg after the fall in Austria, no broken bones so that is good! Probably just was not quite ready for impact!

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