Competition Season Ends Early!

This season has been a little crazy as usual! I moved my entire gym in one weekend, got everything situated and then left for Snowbird, Ut for my second stop on the Freeride World Tour. This year has been incredibly hard for me to focus just on my skiing. I am only able to ski 3x a week, which makes it hard for me to be a professional skier! Skiing is still my passion and I feel very lucky to have a business  and be able to compete at this level. This past weekend the tour came to Snowbird, UT. I was really excited about this stop, because I had competed here before and have had a lot of success. My confidence has been a little down this year, between injuring myself last year again and not being able to ski as much as I need to compete.

Baldy the venue that we were supposed to compete on is one of my favorite venues of all time! It has everything from open powder fields to tight trees, to big airs. I have had a lot of success on this venue and was feeling good about skiing a line I have won on before. The morning of the competition a 10ft crown broke at the top of the venue and slid the entire Baldy face. This was one of the biggest slides they had seen on this venue in 30 years! Pretty wild! That left us with only on option to ski Silver Fox, which is usually a qualifier venue. The snow filled in pretty well, but the options are minimal and everyone has to ski similar lines. I dropped in feeling good on my skis and confident! I skied my line fast and fluid and finished 5th. I had skied for myself and had a great time. I was a little disappointed not to finish on the podium, but it is hard with one run! After Chamonix, I feel like I am just building myself back.
This year has been challenging with changing venues and mother nature has not wanted cooperate with us! After getting stuck in Golden with Rogers Pass being closed after a recent storm, due to avalanches I started to feel a little skeptical about “ Mac Daddy”  being able to be skied. Sure enough as soon as the sun popped yesterday the face slid. There was not any alternative option that was safe for us to ski. This was a bummer for all the athletes and organization. What was tough is all the athletes were going to be able to drop a result after this competition. Instead they took the top 2 best results for the ladies and the top 3 best for the guys. Seeing how I did not go to one of the competitions this was tough on my overall score. I am excited to cheer on the 5 ladies in Verbier!  This also was going to be my last competition and I was so so excited to go out with a bang on Mac Daddy face! I am excited to move on, but it is hard when it has been something I have been participating in for the last 7 years of my life! On to some fun spring trips!

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