Moving on up, but not quite enough!

This season has been a little rough for me just trying to get my confidence back, but that is not an excuse I am skiing the best that I can ski right now. Today I had a lot of fun with my line and I thought it was solid. Last year I won the competition here and thought it would be really fun to ski my same line, but try and do it better. The conditions this year were less than ideal and I knew I needed to ski accordingly, but I felt confident and ready! Then people in front of me started to crash so I figured I would take it just a tad slower. I entered into the top a bit hot and got knocked off my edges and skied slower than I wanted to, after that I thought I brought it back. I was happy with my skiing and my speed on the bottom, but it was only good enough for 4th, which I am happy with, but not what I would like!! The girls skied well today and I am stoked for every single one of them! I just feel that I have taken a step back in my skiing not a step forward. I am not giving up and hopefully I will get it in one of the next 2 competitions! Next week is the Austrian stop so I am looking forward to that competition. I love the freesking family and pushing myself and I have to realize why I do this and hold onto that! Going out of the start gate is already a true feat. So psyched for Lars winning the boys as well! A fun day of competing.

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