Austria so far has been a blast, I love trying all the food and seeing the sights. We arrived last Thursday and we were supposed to compete on Saturday. The weather and the conditions have put us on standby. When we went to the venue it was incredibly punchy and icy snow, which we all agreed is the worst for hitting airs and trying to ski to our potential. Fieberbrunn has some really fun terrain and is a very quiet town in Austria. The people are very nice and very excited to have our event. My mom and her two friends have been here so we did some exploring we went to Salzburg and visited the castle, a beautiful church and had a very traditional Austrian meal. Monday we skied Kitzbuel which is a great town and very impressive ski area. The last run of the day we skied the run where the Hahnenkamm is held and that was amazing to see! Just imagining it as a downhill course gave me goosebumps. There is ton of terrain changes and it is a very long downhill. I am now back in Fieberbrunn awaiting the competition. It gives me some time to get some work done for the gym and just ski! Hopefully are competition will happen Saturday!

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