Fieberbrunn Austria FWT!!

After being in Austria for a week, the weather finally cooperated and it went blue. The venue looked beautiful with the new snow and the morning light looked gorgeous. I had the top of my line pretty dialed, but was not totally sure about my lower section. The guides had said that the snow was very deep, but not a lot of snow in certain sections. As I left the start gate I felt confident and felt that my normal self had finally returned and I was ready to ski aggressively. My mom, her friends and Brian were here for support which helped my confidence. My top section was deep powder and I think I even got a few faceshots. I then entered into the bottom section and as soon as I was in the air I could see that the ending was going to be like landing in a parking lot. I could not believe that the snow was so different and not even an inch of snow lay in my landing. As soon as I hit felt my poor right leg jam forward and then back, it felt as though it had exploded again. I got up and skied to the finish as soon as I could but my leg was killing me. I do not think it is anything serious, but at the moment I have a huge bump and I can barely walk. I am hoping for the best, but the pain is tough to handle. I am so bummed, because I was just starting to finally feel strong again. I am still hoping that it could heal by Verbier, but now I just want to be able to ski the rest of the season. It was a fun day of competing and only a few injuries. The women skied incredibly strong again and it is really awesome to see the ladies uping the game!

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