Second Place!!! Las Lenas Argentina!!!

I woke up this morning pretty nervous about competing! I knew my line, but only skiing two day before a comp had my nerves a title higher than normal. There was not a lot to my line, besides a technical straitline about halfway down that had an ice bulge in the middle. I was excited to ski it, I knew it would get my blood pumping! There is not a lot of snow in Lenas so there were not a lot of opportunities for air.
I was happy with the line I chose and felt really strong the entire way down the venue. Because of the lack of snow we were only going to have a one run competition, which is really tough especially when there was not a lot on this venue to separate ourselves from anyone else. I skied and then watched the rest of the girls also ski very strong, there were only 12 women competing, but it was a pretty stacked field. I ended up second by .20 behind friend and competitor Angel Collinson, I could not believe how close we were. Overall I was very happy with my results and am glad to have the comp behind me. Las Lenas did a wonderful job with awards and had a great band for us to follow. It was a lot of fun to see all my competition friends after not seeing them for about 4 months, it is like a second family and it was fun to watch all the guys ski super strong. Now I am headed to Portillo, Chile to shoot photos with my friend Johnathan Selkowitz!

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  1. OMFG I love living through you :) Nice skiing Crystal. I know I always knew you were this good, still it is amazing to see results like SECOND PLACE LAS LENAS yea yea