Revelstoke and the tour!

The “Mac Daddy”

The past 6 months have been some of the best, but some of the hardest for me mentally and physically. In early May I broke my tibula in two spots and my fibula in one in a freak mountain bike accident. I was in the hospital for a week and had to have two surgeries and now have a 12 inch rod and some screws in my leg. It made me realize how fast life can change and I feel lucky that is all I had to endure. I was not able to put weight on my leg for over two months and as someone that thrives off outdoor and physical activity it was so tough. I started training at the gym immediately and thanks to robs help I was able to stay as strong as I possibly could for my injury. During this time I decided to focus on my training business and work on building up my clientele. Thanks to my clients, boyfriend, family and friends I was able to stay positive! About a week after my injury I received a phone call from Brian Barlow one of the heads of the Freeride World Tour asking me if I wanted to committ to competing on the first unified tour! This is what I had always wanted , but  here I was sitting with a mangled leg. I could not have even imagine walking down my driveway let alone skiing in a competition. I said yes and that started my recovery and drive to be good to compete by winter!

The top of Mac Daddy!
Jess and I last year waiting for our Heli to the top of the face!

Here I am about 8 months later getting ready to travel to Revelstoke to compete in a couple days! I have been training for this through my leg injury and shoulder surgery, but now that it is here I am  a little nervous. I have been skiing and trying to build up my confidence again, but it has been difficult getting used to this new leg and trusting my body. I will be competing at exactly 8 months since I broke my leg! I just want to go and ski and push myself and enjoy this sport that I love so much! The competition is set for Monday January 7th and will be live.

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  1. Tamara says:

    Your body has strength and ability, your mind has focus. Let ‘em rip and have a blast!

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