Revelstoke competition update!

2013 view of Mac Daddy!

Nat and I inspecting!
The ladies!

I arrived in Revelstoke on Friday after a small detour to do some ice climbing with my boyfriend Brian, which is always a good way to get your mind off the competition! As soon as we arrived here it started to snow and looking at the weather forecast it may not give way to many sunny days. The venue “Mac Daddy” that we are competing on looks good, but needs some light to ski. It is an amazing Alaska style face and once again I am so excited to compete! We are making history in Revelstoke with the first unified tour and I am really excited to be part of this competition. Tonight we had the bib draw and it was really awesome to see the North American riders and the European riders all coming together for the first time and being one team! We all still need to get to know each other even though some of us have competed together for a while. I had an amazing day today skiing at Rogers Pass and doing a bit of filming for our all woman film Hecuba. The competition is on hold, which is tough mentally but I just have to try and relax and enjoy the skiing in the meantime. Thank you to Arcteryx, Head, Mountain Athlete, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and Scott for making it possible for me to be here! Also thank you to my friends, family and all my clients/friends that support Wright Training and myself.

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  1. ah snap-snap says:

    Keep that head cool C. Just envision me and Sampson taking a nap on your futon and watching the snow fall out your window… cus that was happening somewhere. you got this!! Thanks for the update! -Ash

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