Taos New Mexico Freeride Competition!!!!

Wedensday night I found out that the Crested Butte, Co stop was cancelled, I had always wanted to go to the Taos freeride competition but it never worked into my schedule. I felt that I needed to go compete for my mind and see the freeskiing family. My friend Karissa was planning on going and convinced me to use my miles to fly into Denver and we could take her parents car to Taos. I figured why not and booked my flight 12 hours before. We arrived in Taos at 1 am and had to compete the next day early! I have never been so ill prepared for a competition, which made it exciting! I inspected the wrong area and then had to get advice from the locals on what to ski! I found a fun line with a decent air that had a bit of a flat landing and next thing I knew I was a little to far forward and dug my ski tips in knocking me into a quick somersault, but was back up sking to the finish, I was greeted my cheers from the crowd at the finish which made me feel better! I did not think I would get another run, but when the results came out they decided to take more ladies than I thought and I was in! I was stoked to ski the venue of Kachina, it was a little more open than the previous venue and a beautiful run. I picked a fun line and skied it well, it was not enough to move up drastically but scored really well for the day! Taos is a very mellow, cultural and artistic town, we did not have a lot of time to explore but did get some great steep skiing in! I will definitely be back and it was awesome to have so much support from the locals during the competition. I have been wanting to come here for 6 years since I raced in college and I finally made it back! Next stop snowbird my favorite competition!

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