South America!!! Finally after crazy summer!

I have finally arrived in Mendoza Argentina after flying for about 24 hours. I am waiting to catch a 2 am bus to Las Lenas and then will be competing on Thursday. I know I am pushing it a bit, but I was not able to get out of work any earlier and I really wanted to do my annual girls pack trip!! Cramming everything in at the last minute, but I am not regretting doing any of it. I arrived in Mendoza today around 100 pm. I am staying at a really hip hostel downtown called Damajuana. So far I love Argentina and the food. Mendoza is a great running city and I went for run around a large park. I probably saw about 100 runners in my 30 minute run. It is definitely a night area! All the bars are just starting to open and it is 9 pm, I am trying to go to sleep so I can wake up and catch a bus to Lenas at 2 am and ski all day tomorrow. I am really excited, I have never been here and I am already enjoying the culture and the food!! Here are a few photos of Mendoza, I will keep you updated with the competition, because it will be live webcasted.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Thanks for sharing this =)
    In 3 days I’m flying to Argentina because of my job, I’ll be staying in an Buenos Aires apartment for a month, and after that I ave another month to visit some other places in South America. What do you recommend me to do?
    hope you don’t mind helping me! thanks :)