Sometimes things do not go as planned!

Beautiful viewing area!!

The “Mac Daddy evil”
The ladies scoping their line

watch out we are mean fighting machines!
Eva and I

This morning the light shown over the Mac Daddy and it looked like the most perfect conditions one could ask for! That was until 50 competitors skied in front of you! I was only able to see the mens snowboarding and everything looked awesome, I saw the men ski my air and it looked like an amazing powder landing. I had toned my line down a little from last year and felt confident about the air, but should have realized that the snow had setup over the last couple of hours. I am not sure why the ski girls had to ski in the worst possible conditions and when there was only a handful of us that would not leave much of a mark on the venue. I would much rather deal with slough management then what all the ladies had to deal with today. This was my first time back skiing in competition since 2 injuries the big one being my leg. I was psyched with how I skied, even though the conditions were variable. I thought the landing in my air would be soft, but it was like hitting a concrete trenched out hole. The good thing was that I was okay and my body could take the crash. That was a big thing for me, even though disappointing. I am excited for the next stop Chamonix in 2 weeks! I just continue to learn no matter how many times I go out of the start gate. This was an amazing week of skiing and maybe someday I will get to ski that face in the sun! I so appreciate all the support from my sponsors, my family, my boyfriend and all my friends. Lots of love to everyone.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Way to go Crystal! We’re all right behind you cheering you on and wishing you the best!

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