Aguiille Du Midi (Vallee Blanche)

Yesterday Jess, Angela and I headed up the Agui. Talk about one of the most exposed and beautiful places. It was a clear day and the views of Mont Blonc and the Chamonix valley were amazing. We got off the top tram and walked around the entire viewing area looking into Italy and possibly many other countries. Pretty amazing! We then put our skis on our packs and started the exposed walk down the rope to where we could put our skis on. It was probably about 15 below with the wind and it made the climb down even that more crazy. We then out our skis on and headed down the Valle Blanche which is the main place to ski down from the top of the Agui. The ski routes from there are endless and I would be really excited to go explore the ski mountaineering possibilities someday. We skied around glaciers and through ice, with amazing views of all the mountains. The top of the Agui is a 9,000 vertical foot climb from the valley floor, so we had a very long run down. We then skied to these really amazing ice caves that we were able to walk through. Ice and ski boots do not mix, but it made it exciting. We then climbed about 1000 steps and then took the train back to the valley floor! what a great day.

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