West Hourglass!

Top of couloir, amazing views, exposed and slick ski boots!!!

looking down top of couloir

This last Monday I set out with 3 snowboarders, one being my boyfriend to go ski the West Hourglass of Nez Perce. I have always wanted to ski the couloir, but had never had an opportunity. We skinned easily up Garnet canyon and into the meadows, not seeing a single person. It was a cold day, but it was sunny and there was not a breath of air, such a beautiful day. A few people had skied the couloir before us on a previous day, so it was nice to be able to follow their boot pack. With the avalanche conditions being a little unstable, I was a little nervous about booting up a long steep couloir. At around 11,000 feet we dug a pit to see what the snow looked like. We dug all the way to the ground, which was about 6 feet to see all the different layers. The snowpack looked surprisingly good in the couloir and it helped set our minds a little at ease. We topped out at the top of the couloir around 1 pm and just the top was in the sunshine, the skiing was amazing down the entire couloir. Another one off the tick list, another beautiful couloir I have way to many favorites to count now!!

Matt Floyd getting some!

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