The last two days in Chamonix Grand Montet and Agui du Midi

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On Wednesday we went up the the Agui with Liz and Erin Smart, two awesome guide friends that we met through some Jackson peeps. The weather was a little socked in, but it was still absolutely gorgeous the top of the Agui it is about 12,700 feet and you come up to that elevation from the valley floor. It always impresses me in Europe because they have trams up everything the steeper the better. We walked around on the top for a moment and then did the sketchy walk down to where you put your skis on. The entire time you have great views of the valley below and Mont Blanc, which I hope to ski someday. The snow was a bit interesting about 6 inches of pow on some really hard pack snow. We skied through the glaciers and some small couloirs and then traversed down on the glacier with an amazing cirque of mountains all around us. We ended at an ice cave that was pretty neat and then hiked up about 200 stairs to a small gondola and then to a train that took us down to the valley floor. I can’t wait to go back and ski more in that area, there is so much to do. Thursday we skied the Grand Montet which also has some great terrain and the snow was chalky and firm but super fun. I can’t imagine these places on a powder day!! Chamonix was a quick trip, but definitely got to experience a lot of new things and share it with Brian which was also really special. Now we are in La Grave one of my favorite places in Europe!!

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