Ski and Snowboard Fitness

This year has been a really successful year for me with ski/snowboard fitness, I sold out my two classes for my first session which was shocking. I have a great mix of skiers that do not like to workout in your typical gym setting, so Mountain Athlete has been the perfect place for everyone. Thanks Rob!! I can not emphasize how important it is to become strong for your recreational sport and in this instance skiing/snowboarding. The more you can strengthen your muscles independently the stronger you will be as a whole and you will be less susceptible to injury. The other key element in ski/snowboard fitness is helping people recover from an injury, when you leave physical therapy that does not mean that you are ready to ski or snowboard. There are still a lot of strengthening exercises that need to be done in preparation to be physically and mentally strong to return to skiing/snowboarding. My class focuses on injury prevention and strength through balance, stabilization, agility and flexibility. Also it is really nice to have someone to push you so the class setting is really great.
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I have not felt this strong for skiing in a long time, my body just feels better and overall I feel more confident with skiing. I have learned so much working with different athletes from your ski bum to young freeriders to older ski enthusiasts. It has been a great learnning experience and I can not emphasize the importance. If you have a chance to prevent injury and feel stronger skiing/snowboarding why would you not want to try? I am really excited for the upcoming season and hopefully Jackson Hole has a great year! We are already off to a great start.

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