Powder skiing in Chamonix!

After Kirkwood it was so nice to finally arrive at my new home for a couple of weeks! I had been living out of my bag and flying back and forth between Europe, competing and ski touring! Prett amazing life, but can get exhausting! What a whirlwind! As soon as I arrived in Chamonix it started to snow! I do not mind skiing powder, but I was ready to come back here and get into the high mountains. The skiing has been great, but we have not seen the mountains or where we are skiing for the last couple days. The weather is supposed to improve by Tuesday which is good news! It has given me a chance to catch up on work and life and in all reality I probably needed the rest! Chamonix is still a beautiful town to explore and there are 3 ski resorts within a short bus ride or walking distance! We rented a house with 6 of us so we are all becoming good friends! Ha ha! Hopefully I will have more adventures to write about soon! Here are some photos of the boys in the sauna at our house, the town of Chamonix and the beautiful peaks from the top of The Grand Montets!

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