Les Calanques, the Mediterranean and skiing the Glacier Rond again!!!

The weather still was not cooperating in Chamonix so Brian and I decided to head to the South of France for a couple days. We were debating, because we had our place in Chamonix, but decided if we were only 5 hours from the Mediterranean and the beautiful climbing mecca of Les Calanques! We rented a car and headed south. The drive was gorgeous as we left the alps and entered into a more desert environment of southern France. We stayed in Cassis a small town the size of Jackson, right on the sea! The town of Cassis was right next to Les Calanques and such a cool town. We climbed for 3 days, amazing climbing right over the ocean. I could definitely have spent a month there climbing! The water was a little cold, but I swam in the Meditteranean all 3 days, it was very hard to resist with the sea blue color so enticing. Since we had our place to stay in Chamonix and needed to take advantage of it so we left our little beach vacation and returned home to a morning break in the weather and we went for the Glacier Rond again! This time it had a little more snow and we skied some beautiful powder into the glacier and all the way to the bottom! We got 8500 feet of skiing in one run! Climbing on the beach, swimming in the Meditteranean to skiing an exposed glacier with a couloir! Life really does not get that much better than that! I feel so lucky!!!!

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